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50 more Londoners reveal the weirdest place they’ve had sex

Posted at 8:00 am, October 9, 2014 in Fun London
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Remember when we asked you to reveal the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex? Around 250 of you replied. And, while we picked 47 favourites for our gallery, there were still loads more *incredible* stories we thought we should share with you. Starting with the ‘legend’ who sent us the above Google Map pin drop of the exact location they got down and dirty. Good one.

Here are 49 more classics, split into handy themes for your pleasure.

1. Cultural landmarks

‘After hours at the Natural History Museum.’

‘In the toilets of Tate Modern.’

‘I had sex in the Hayward Gallery once. I also had sex in a phone box opposite the Science Museum.’

‘The aquarium. We slept with the fishes…well kinda.’

‘V&A 18th century paintings area.’

‘Gave oral sex in the British Museum.’

‘Boxes A through E at the Lyceum theatre (not all on the same night).’

2.  On the job

‘In a police station, sadly he took off his handcuffs and truncheon but did allow me to wear his hat!’

‘On the boardroom table.’

‘In my boss’s bed. With her brother.’

‘On the floor in a spare room of a Quaker’s Meeting House, just out of sight of the CCTV that my girlfriend of the time was supposed to be keeping an eye on…’

 3. Tourist hot spots

‘Standing on the central reservation on Piccadilly in the middle of the afternoon.’

‘St. Paul’s Cathedral.’

‘Buckingham Palace.’

‘In the kitchen at the Gherkin and a boat on the Serpentine.’

‘All Star Lanes bowling alley.’

‘Tower Bridge at 4am. Right in the middle.’

‘Fabric in the middle of the dance floor – 1st floor!’

4. Bathrooms

‘Disabled loo, Festival Hall. Interrupted by guard banging on the door. Oops.’

‘Walkabout Temple ladies’ toilet.’

‘London Bridge platform toilets, at peak time with a line of ladies waiting for their loo time.’

‘The toilets in Harrods with the door man!’

‘The disabled toilets in King’s Cross station.’

‘Toilet in McDonald’s next to Tottenham Court Road Station.’

‘In CineWorld men’s toilets.’

‘Sainsbury’s disabled toilets.’

5. London parks

‘Richmond Park, on a busy summer Saturday, in the tall grass.’

‘Hyde Park lake, in the middle if the day, very quietly.’

‘Royal, rampant, rumpy pumpy in Regent’s Park.’

‘On Primrose Hill on a summer evening.’

‘Hackney Marshes. Twice. With different partners.’

‘The Queen’s front garden (St James’s Park). At three in the afternoon.’

‘Soho gardens!’

6. On public transport

‘Bakerloo line going south-bound.’

‘On a bus taking us to Stansted.’

‘London Gatwick Airport, on the way to meet her parents for the first time.’


‘On the top deck of a packed N38.’

Old-style Metropolitan line.’

‘On a Megabus headed from London to the North.’

7. Religious locations

‘Broke into a church at night, had sex on the altar.’

‘Highgate cemetery.’

‘At a house party in a vicar’s house. It was a holy experience.’

‘We used to sneak into Bunhill Fields graveyard on Old Street after midnight.’

‘In a graveyard on the way home from the pub, I looked up and realised we were leaning against a Virgin Mary headstone!’

8. Gigs

‘I gave a stranger a blow job in the toilets of the Festival Hall during a Siouxsie Sioux gig.’

‘While watching Modest Mouse.’

‘On a coach on the way home from a UB40 concert!’

‘Backstage dressing room in Hammersmith Apollo.’

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