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It’s official – Earls Court will be demolished

Posted at 5:15 pm, October 9, 2014 in News
Earls Court to face demolition

Earls Court has been on the brink of demolition for quite some time now. Back in July we told you about Boris’s plan to knock it down to make space for four new ‘villages’ and a ‘high street’. So here’s the update: Hammersmith and Fulham Labour-run council has given the demolition a go go, and it’s happening soon.

There was supposed to be a meeting yesterday (October 8) to discuss these plans, giving petitioners and the public the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns about the health risks the work will produce. But the meeting never happened. Instead, last month (on September 29) planning officers had a meeting to decide the fate of Earls Court without the public being present.

So farewell ex-home to water slides and epic celebrities like Led Zep and Pink Floyd. By mid-November the bridge between Earls Court 1 and 2 may be but a pile of rubble, and by December 2014 the exhibition centre itself will follow suit. RIP Earls Court. You’ll be missed.

By Laura Sagar

Learn more about Earls Court’s epic history of log flumes, Spice Girls and magic tricks here.

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