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New book gives a sexy glimpse of London’s secret bits

Posted at 1:15 pm, October 13, 2014 in Photos of London
Unseen London book pics

There are some parts of London you’re destined never to see, and we’re not just talking about the VIP lounge of the latest celebrity superclub. There’s a whole load of backstage bits of the city that very few people get to see, either because you’d press a button and accidentally kill thousands of people, or spend so long cooing at the amazing views that you’d just look really, really silly.

One man who’s managed to worm his way into all these off-limits areas is photographer Peter Dazeley. He’s just published a book showing off his incredible snaps of places like the derelict control rooms of Battersea Power Station, the vault room at the disused Midland Bank, the old steam chambers of Tower Bridge and many, many more.

Check out a few of Peter’s pictures below, then head here to check out our full gallery

Unseen London book pics Unseen London book pics Unseen London book pics

‘Unseen London’ is out now, priced £30.

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