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A man’s been banned from every bar and restaurant in London

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 15, 2014 in Food & Drink

No pint

It takes an almost superhuman effort to be banned from every bar and restaurant in the capital. But somehow 34–year-old Londoner Rodney Williams has managed it. Not only has he been sent to the slammer for four years, he’s also received an ASBO that will prevent him from entering establishments that sell alcohol in Greater London – all 35,000 of them! – until he’s 60 years old. The ban is the first of its kind to be imposed in the UK. Williams’ bad luck began back in April when he was arrested in a Hoxton bar for stealing a handbag. Since then the police have traced 12 counts of theft back to him. Poor old Rod… he’s gone from ‘clink clink’ to plain old-fashioned clink.

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By Lucie Horton

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