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Video: Fulham burger joint launches meal into (near) space

Posted at 1:15 pm, October 15, 2014 in Food & Drink, Fun London
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In what is just one small step for ham but a giant leap for mankind, a Fulham restaurant has managed to launch a burger and chips into space. Well, sorta. They only managed to launch it into near space, but… LOOK AT IT GO!

Chosen Bun’s meal-to-go reached 112,000 feet above ground level thanks to lots of helium, a house-sized balloon and a £2,000 investment. It was totes worth it though. Co-founder Andy Shovel says: ‘We thought it would be a laugh. We both really love space and we’re physicists as well as burger flippers.’

Watch a pretty cool video of the astronaut burger’s ascent below. (Thank god for Go-Pro.)

Chosen Bun’s no stranger to ground-breaking publicity stunts. Andy says: ‘We’ve driven a burger from the shop to Istanbul, bolted to the roof. We’ve also catapulted a burger from the street outside the shop onto a three-storey building.’ #LADS

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