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London lock-ins: man trapped in Waterstones and girl locked in a train

Posted at 5:30 pm, October 17, 2014 in News

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Anyone planning to break into Waterstones in Trafalgar Square should take a leaf out of David Willis’ book. This guy just waltzed right in past the employees, took a seat upstairs and let them close the store while he was still perched upstairs cruising the wifi.

David, a tourist visiting the UK from Texas (and aptly named #waterstonestexan on Twitter), unknowingly entered the store just as it was about to close and headed upstairs to find a chair and use the internet. Fifteen minutes later he went downstairs to leave, only to find himself trapped inside. Yep, the staff had forgotten about him and put down the shutters for the night.

Unlike some of the Twitter recommendations of building a fortress made of books, after setting the alarms off and having a natter to the security guard on the phone, the #waterstonestexan just stood at the window and did a bit of people watching. #missedopportunity!

When he finally got rescued over two hours later, we love that he decided to tweet about his freedom before telling his girlfriend. Lad.

Power cut at a train station. [Photo: Dan Chippendale]

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The second prize for ‘lock in of the week’ goes to Sheri Dykes, a 22 year-old graphic designer who swapped ‘Night at the Museum’ for ‘Night at the Train Depot’. Sheri ‘might have been a bit tipsy’ when she got on the wrong train home and fell asleep for the whole journey after a night in the pub. Bit tipsy? Yeah Sheri, we believe you.

We’ve all been there: drunk and bored in a hot carriage on a late journey home, the gentle ululations of the train rocking you to sleep. But not everyone ends up locked in an empty train for five hours. Only Sherri Dykes. So here’s what happened: instead of boarding her usual Enfield Overground service to Rectory Road, Sheri accidentally got on a train from Liverpool Street to Chingford. Whoops.

Having fallen asleep almost immediately she woke to ‘something out of a horror film’. Poor Sheri was trapped in a parked train, in the dark, with only a dead phone for company, no doubt freaking herself out with memories of the 2004 tube-based horror film ‘Creep‘. Thankfully she wasn’t stalked by a disturbed, deformed killer and, after accepting her unfortunate predicament, decided to settle down for another little nap.

And in a slightly anti-climactic end to the story, at 7am the next morning the train driver discovered her asleep on the seats, woke her up and drove her back to Chingford station. The end.

By Laura Sagar

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