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Run for your life with new ‘Apocalypse Training’ fitness app

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 21, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Outdoor London
apocalyptic training

It’s dark by 7pm, jumpers and jackets are now firm staples of our daily outfit and umbrellas are compulsory. It doesn’t exactly make you want to throw on some Lycra and run around outside. A night in your onesie in front of the latest boxset and a takeaway sounds much better, right? Yeah, thought so. Well fitness instructor Adele Kirby reckons she can change our minds and help us blast off that extra layer of insulation we’ve gained by eating the treats circulating the office.

Adele is a west London fitness instructor, writer and bit of a geek who has set up her own exercise company Imaginactive. With the help of a successful Crowdfunding campaign, Adele and her team are launching an ‘audio fitness adventure’ app called ‘Apocalypse Training‘. Oh yes, it most certainly is as exciting as it sounds. It’s an audio workout set in the midst of an alien invasion in London, which guides listeners to save the city, and complete a fat-busting workout in the process.

The workout programme is accessible via an iPhone or Android app that gets progressively harder the more you play. The workout isn’t just physical fitness, it also develops your mental fitness, focus, imagination and resilience. The workouts can be done anywhere and include strength circuits and running sessions. If anything can make us forget that we’re doing exercise, we reckon it may well be this!

By Laura Sagar

Find out more at kickstarter.com. Prefer to run from zombies instead? There’s also a fitness app for that!

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