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Russell Brand’s ten rules for revolution

Posted at 12:15 pm, October 21, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

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Scourge of Fox News, famed shagger and emergent voice of the disenfranchised populous, Russell Brand is on the cover of Time Out London today. But it’s not us interviewing him. Oh no. In the true ‘power to the people’ spirit of Big Russ’s revolutionary ideals (as outlined in his new book, ‘Revolution’) we’ve let the masses do the talking. We put your questions to Brand, and he answered them in typically controversial style

So, what sort of revolution does Russell want? And what can you do to get involved?

Here are ten policies Brand thinks the people of Britain ought to adopt.

1. Stop paying your mortgage

And your tax. And stop going to work while you’re at it. ‘Disobey anything you disagree with,’ he advises. ‘Just disobey, but in a jolly and loving way. It’s not needless recalcitrance I’m supporting.’

2. Talk to your neighbours

Unilateral acts of civil disobedience probably aren’t the best way to go, admits Brand. So get your neighbours on board: ‘If you think, My council tax is outrageous, I’m not going to pay it, then think to yourself: I wonder if anyone else down my street feels the same?’

3. Be willing to go to prison for your beliefs

Or die, even. Brand is: ‘There’s no point in doing it if you’re not. If they say, “We’ll kill you if you keep saying this,” and then you go, “Oh, all right, I’ll do a podcast about ball bags,” then don’t bother.’

4. Do the opposite of what David Cameron tells you

For example, Brand campaigned for the “Yes” vote in the Scottish referendum: ‘If I see David Cameron on my TV telling me to do something, I listen to what the cunt says, and go: “Fucking hell! The opposite!”‘

5. In fact, do away with the Prime Minister…

‘No one should be Prime Minister,’ he argues. ‘I’d make people directly responsible for their own communities, and I’d open everything to referendums so we could vote on everything.’

6. …and turn Twitter into a voting platform

‘Let’s not pretend the last 20 years of technological revolution haven’t happened. We could be voting on Twitter instead of trying to peer up Jennifer Lawrence’s frock.’

7. Resist the ‘social cleansing’ of London

In other words, the effects of gentrification. ‘I just want everyone to be able to live together,’ says Brand. ‘It’s nice when areas get superficially more pleasant and/or funky. But it’s sad when people on the New Era housing estate in Hoxton are being priced out because the property has been purchased by private investors…’

8. Avoid political parties

‘Because a big problem is the way the political system works. It primarily utilises the energies of egotism and selfishness and lust… I want to break away and create new systems that encourage the better parts of our nature.’

9. Follow the teachings of Marshall Mathers

Brand draws unlikely inspiration from Silm Shady: ‘As the great Eminem said: “If you feel like I feel, I’ve got the antidote.”…’

 10. Maybe not all the teachings of Marshall Mathers

‘…Although he then goes on to say, “Women wave your pantyhose,” and that’s the point where the Eminem lyric breaks down as a piece of instructional revolution advice.’

Read the full interview in Time Out magazine today or now online.

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