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Is this London’s dullest man?

Posted at 10:00 am, October 22, 2014 in Fun London
dull man Hugh Barker Hedges

Reckon drain spotting, milk-bottle collecting and hoarding traffic cones sound dull? Well, you’re right. All of the above are the fave activities of the Dull Men’s Club (motto: ‘celebrate the ordinary’). To promote themselves, they’ve just put out a calendar featuring photos of 12 of their most boringest participants, with Mr December being Hugh Barker, a London resident and hedge enthusiast (pictured). He’s the author of ‘Hedge Britannia’, which includes information about hedge-laying and what hedges say about their owners. Mind you, this is pretty rock ’n’ roll by Dull Men’s Club standards (articles under their website’s ‘safe excitement’ tab include ‘Raking’, ‘Cement’ and ‘Riding through a car wash’).

‘Lots of people – largely men – have slightly bizarre interests that a lot of people find boring,’ explains Hugh. ‘I’m not ashamed of the word “dull”. I think the idea of the Dull Men’s Club is pretty funny.’ Fair enough. But still, maybe we’re being mean by having a headline that suggests he’s London’s dullest man. ‘Actually,’ Hugh says, ‘since people started to talk about the calendar, I’ve found myself on telly under headlines like “Is this the dullest man in Britain?” Which is always good fun.’ Ah, well. London’s dullest man it is then.

Find out more at dullmensclub.com.

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