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Sup your way around the city with new book ‘Drink London’

Posted at 3:30 pm, October 22, 2014 in Shopping & Style
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Man walks into a bar – then another bar, and another, and another. Fear not, this isn’t a case for Alcoholics Anonymous. The man in question is Euan Ferguson, who gallantly and anonymously covers the pubs and bar scene for Time Out London. He’s just written a diminutive but informative book called ‘Drink London: The 100 Best Bars and Pubs’.

As readers of his work will know, Ferguson has a remarkable ability to summarise the essence of a place – history, décor, ambience and liquid offerings in very few words. Inevitably, most places are in the centre of town, but over a third are outside it, ranging east, west, north and south.

Our favourite feature: the Index, which has tick boxes for those who, like us, plan to drink our way methodically through every single den of delight. As perfectly made and served as a Duke’s Martini.

Drink London: The 100 Best Bars and Pubs‘, Frances Lincoln, £9.99

For another great book about London, take a look at the stunning photos in ‘Subterranean London‘.

By Richard Ehrlich

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