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E-cigarettes banned on all London buses, trains and tubes

Posted at 5:15 pm, October 23, 2014 in News

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Those of you ‘vaping’ your electronic ciggies on your commute may get a nasty surprise if you get caught by Transport for London staff.

Apparently, back in August TfL banned the use of e-cigarettes from all of London’s buses, trains and tubes. One of the given reasons for the ban is that the vapour from e-cigs is said to change the conditions of the carriages, but now smoking one outside at the station can land you a fine, too. This will mean that TfL staff can confidently confront people smoking without the fear of being tricked by a really realistic looking e-cig.

First you’ve heard of this? Yeah, us too. It would seem that TfL decided not to publicise the ban in the hope that it would decrease the amount of angry e-smokers getting worked up over the issue (and ultimately needing a fag even more).

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