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Forget Waterstones! We want to spend the night in these six London shops

Posted at 10:00 am, October 23, 2014 in Fun London

So you must have heard about the #waterstonestexan by now. How about the girl who got locked in a dark, abandoned train for the night? These unanticipated lock-ins appear to be becoming a bit of trend. And while spending the night in Waterstones is quite an appealing idea, we’ve come up with a dreamy list of six London shops we’d prefer to stage a sleepover in*.

*Time Out does not condone this type of behaviour

1. Harrods
All hail Harrods and its ‘Crystal Maze’-esque sleepover potential. Imagine the possibilities: salivate in the food hall, dress up in some designer clobber, make yourself over in the beauty hall, whack on a pair of designer shoes and strut around the Egyptian zone.

Paul A Young chocolate

2. Paul A Young
So it may be tricky to accidentally get yourself locked into this small shop, but if Paul A Young did sleepover sessions we’d be there pronto. Take a look at all those delicious looking chocs just begging to be eaten. It’s number two on our list for the potential luxury midnight feast.

Hamleys © Hamleys

3. Hamleys
Surely the ultimate kids’ sleepover shop. A night at Hamleys would mean embracing your inner six year-old, challenging yourself to play with every toy in the store and napping on one of the huge teddy bears without the raucous noise of the daytime.

Dover Street Market

4. Dover Street Market
There are always those shops that you’d love to browse but are put off by the intimidating staff. A sleepover at Dover Street Market means you could try on all the clothes you like without the incredibly stylish staff watching and laughing that you’ve put on the Comme des Garçons shirt back-to-front.

Bed gif

5. John Lewis

Never had bed envy? Then you’ve never taken a nap on one of John Lewis’ heavenly kingsize ‘Salcombe Superb’ mattresses. If that means nothing to you, you clearly haven’t paid a whopping £6,900 for your bed (us neither). And that’s just one of the reasons why a sleepover at John Lewis would be epic – and surely the best night’s sleep ever.

Foyles © Rob Greig
© Rob Greig

6. The new Foyles
Okay, so we’re being controversial because Waterstones are planning a sleepover at their gaff, but we reckon a night at the new Foyles bookshop would be even cooler. Think book fortresses, jazz dance-a-thon and a chance to fully explore all the crevices of the shiny new shop.

Where’s the Air BnB listing for these?! Sigh.

By Laura Sagar

Where would you like to have a lock in? Let us know your favourite sleepover shop on Facebook or Twitter.

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