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Find the London neighbourhoods that are just like yours with this natty map

Posted at 2:15 pm, October 24, 2014 in Maps
Whereabouts map

People don’t half bang on about the relative charms and harms of North, South, East and West London. But it’s pretty obvious that the variations within each area (between Dulwich and Deptford, say) are way bigger than the difference between the areas themselves.

With this is mind, Future Cities Catapult (not a real catapult, sadly) has created this ‘Whereabouts’ map, divvying up the city’s wards into eight different types based on their shared characteristics. Here’s the profile of the fourth type, for example:

london map whereabouts whereabouts radar graph

Using the map you can find out which other London neighbourhoods are a bit like yours, which might come in useful if necessity demands you up sticks to the other side of the city. Say Future Cities:

‘Reimagining neighbourhoods in this way could help local authorities to commission shared services, or design and procure shared infrastructure more effectively across existing administrative boundaries. It could help a transport provider to tailor a service more efficiently, make behaviour change campaigns scalable to new areas of a city or reduce start up costs for innovative new businesses, to name just a few applications.’

Our only criticism? They’ve missed a trick in their colourless naming conventions of ‘Whereabouts 1’ and ‘Whereabouts 4.’ Some catchy names (‘Abhorrently Wealthy’, ‘Where Londoners Go To Die’, ‘Your Peers, But With Better Careers’) would help make the different ‘zones’ even more memorable.

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