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Seven London nightmare Halloween costumes

Posted at 2:15 pm, October 27, 2014 in Fun London

You’re dressing as a beefeater for Halloween? BIG WOW. Here are seven far more original ideas based on modern London horror stories.

1. Exploding pavement

You will need: a cardboard box painted grey and covered in chewing gum, a flame-coloured wardrobe.


2. Poisonous banana spiders

You will need: a classic spider fancy dress costume with a banana stuck to each limb.


3. Walkie talkie death ray

You will need: a large cardboard box covered in tinfoil. Pipe cleaner antennae. Several melted toy cars on a string around your neck.


4. Killer Hyde Park seagull

You will need: a cardboard beak with sharp looking teeth, many white feather boas, a friend dressed as a mauled pigeon.


5. The bed-desk

You will need: a duvet with an entire stationery set stuck to it.


6. A super-ant

You will need: a papier-mâché ant costume (we never said this was going to be easy) with electrical goods stuck to the body. Or just hang out by the microwave all night.


7. Waterstones lock-in

You will need: a cardboard box, cut to look like a cage, with the Waterstones logo stuck on. Bonus points if you bring a book.


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