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Bum tomatoes in Essex taste like crap

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 29, 2014 in News

Don’t own a garden but want to eat fresh tomatoes off the vine? Then head out to Rochford in Essex, where you’ll find them growing wild. Oh, but wait, they’re growing in the middle of a railway line. And, according to rail union the RMT, they’ve sprung forth from human waste. Yup, this particular plant (snapped by an RMT member) has apparently grown from tomato seeds in passenger excrement dumped on to the tracks from train toilets, then fertilised by yet more commuter bowel bombs. Newer trains have inbuilt sewage tanks, but older ones empty their payload of nutrient-rich manure on the go. The lesson: don’t eat spag bol in Essex. It’s made with what Italians call poomodori.

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