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#LondonIn3Words in three poems

Posted at 3:30 pm, November 29, 2014 in Fun London

London in 3 Words

After New York’s #NYCin3Words trend racked up 54,000 tweets, we couldn’t help but instigate a rival #LondonIn3Words hashtag. We’ve taken the liberty of arranging your them into three poems, revealing the  Stockholm Syndrome for a merciless metropolis we’re all apparently afflicted by.


I’ll be late.

Weekend engineering works
Rail replacement bus,
has minor delays.

Foxton’s branded Mini,
driving home slowly.
The black cab, the whole world
Stand on right.
Keep left. Please.
Please walk faster.”
Move down please.
Dreamers, sleepwalkers, aggression
No personal space

Sorry, I’m late.


I love you.
My heart there…
It embraces you.
I miss you.
Deeply miss you.
How much? Fuck.
Exciting. Exhausting. Damp.
Wet and wonderful
– that’s how much?


Love/hate relationship.

Flatshare from hell
Home sweet home.

Damp, dark, dank,
Incredible, lovely, astonishing.
Big, dirty, dangerous.
Ravishing, overpopulated, unforgettable.
Old, polluted, violent.
Fabulous, exciting, vibrant.

Always something on:

Sold out gig,
Six pound pint,
Invisible bar staff.
Queue for burger.

Sleep, commute, repeat.
I’m so tired.
Terrifying money hoover,
I’ll never leave.

Perpetually under construction,
awesome once finished.
Too many twats,
Simply the best.

Totally amazingly terrible,
Totally terribly amazing,
My big playground,
Gotta love ya.

Pret a Manger,
A constant hangover,
Wild, absurd and unpredictable,
Default setting: AWESOME.
Why go elsewhere?

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