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London on Instagram: @ash

Posted at 8:15 am, December 1, 2014 in Photos of London
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Ashley Lewis is a professional photographer who you’ll often find standing in the middle of Westminster Bridge at sunset trying to get the perfect shot. He’s passionate about shooting the City of London because of its history and neutral palette.

He says: ‘I love clean lines, with either a single person or no people at all. I’m all about big scenes, lots of details, super sharp focus and clarity. Anything less just isn’t good enough.’

We asked him to give us a tour of London via his Instagram account @ash.

1. Out of all your pictures of London, which is your favourite?

‘I keep going through my gallery and the image I keep coming back to is the one looking through the wire mesh at Monument. I personally don’t like the mesh as it always blocks my view so I think the hand pulling it back and looking out sums up how I feel.’

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2. What’s your favourite landmark to snap?

‘Favourite landmark is without doubt the Elizabeth Tower at Houses of Parliament. I was lucky enough to go to the top of the tower last year and see Big Ben in action and since then I’ve been fascinated by the design and colours of the tower. It’s super iconic and quintessentially British and I’m fascinated by everything it has to offer visually.’

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3. What’s your go-to filter?

‘I don’t have a go-to filter as I feel that each image might not necessarily work with the same editing process. I use Snapseed to tweak my exposures and contrast and VSCOcam to create my tonal edits. I like these apps as they can take my images straight from my camera and turn them into what I see in my head.’

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4. Is there a photo you’ve taken that’s been unexpectedly brilliant?

‘I took some long exposure photos of Tower Bridge back at the start of 2014. It was a freezing cold, wet evening by the river and my girlfriend and I were powering through the cold shooting night time photos, I put my tripod and DSLR in some crazy places like in the road, on a fence, and on the wrong side of the safety barriers. I ended up with some images that didn’t look all too great on the camera screen and left dejected. I got home and started to edit and they really came to life and are still some of my favourites from this year.’

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5. Where’s the best view in London?

‘My favourite view of London is at the top of Monument, I could easily stand there all day watching the clouds roll over and the city at work. You can see all the landmarks – St Paul’s, The Gherkin, The Shard, Tower Bridge and even Canary Wharf. Definitely a favourite.’

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