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Maybe there’s a weird electric forcefield in a St. Giles back street

Posted at 6:40 pm, December 1, 2014 in Fun London, News
Sticky Up Hair

Do Android (phones) dream of electric streets? That was the question on London’s lips last week, as YouTubers documented a hair-raising electrical phenomena around Google’s London offices.

A certain stretch of Bucknall Street, near Tottenham Court Road, seems to impart a mysterious electrical charge on passers-by. We’re shocked.

As the location is just around the corner from Time Out Headquarters, I went to investigate. And indeed, I did sense something of a tingle – although my hair didn’t stand on end. Come to think of it, it may just have been windy. (I am also very impressionable. On Friday a colleague said they felt a bit queasy and I had to go and lie down on a sofa for 45 minutes. And in fact, merely writing this article is making my skin start to… buzz? I’m kind of Derren Brown’s dream stage guest, is what I’m saying.)

Since the videos were made, some fresh road works on the street in question suggest a potential intervention; Google however are saying nothing.