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Central line trains won’t stop at Tottenham Court Road for most of 2015

Posted at 5:00 pm, December 3, 2014 in News, Transport

There’s mixed emotions today in Time Out Towers over Crossrail’s latest announcement, especially as it affects our local station, chaotic problem child Tottenham Court Road.

HOORAY for the news that the top of Charing Cross Road is reopening so we can now walk straight through to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. No more buses getting stuck in the maelstrom underneath Centre Point. Phew. That junction has been closed since late 2010. Just think how many minutes you’ve wasted doing that detour! No actually, on second thoughts, don’t.

BOOOOO for the revelation that to complete the shiny new TCR Crossrail station, Central line trains won’t be stopping there from January 3 until early December 2015 (!) to allow them to complete major structural work. A very Happy New Year to you too, Crossrail! Northern line trains will continue to stop at TCR though, so that’s a small mercy. Central line users, better start getting acquainted with your new Oxford Circus/Holborn alighting points.

But will it all be worth this massive amount of hassle and money? TfL promises that by 2016 ‘the new more spacious Tottenham Court Road station will be fully accessible with eight new escalators and five new lifts. It will have new Art on the Underground installations, new CCTV cameras, better lighting, contrasting handrails to help the visually impaired and other features to make journeys better.’ They’ve also said that there are plans to develop the surrounding area with a ‘gateway’ to Oxford Street, a music venue (RIP The Astoria) and a new public square.

Get an idea of what the new station will be like by watching the video above or check out the plans at crossrail.co.uk.

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