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Landlord rents out house with a MASSIVE TREE growing in it

Posted at 10:15 am, December 3, 2014 in Property

Fancy living in a tree house? Oh wait, sorry, we mean a house with a MASSIVE TREE growing through it. Look no further. 


A London landlord had been earning an estimated £40,000 a year in rent from a three-bedroom property in Clapham with a tree branch growing through one of the rooms. The branch was so large that one of the house’s electricity cables was set up to run though it.

The property’s now been reclaimed by Lambeth Council.


Cabinet member for housing Matthew Bennett said: ‘The conditions the people in this illegal HMO were living in were truly appalling, and represented a genuine danger to life and limb. It is shocking that someone can make money exploiting people by illegally renting out such dangerous accommodation with no regard for the safety of the people living there.’

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