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How to celebrate Christmukkah in London

Posted at 3:15 pm, December 4, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink

Deck the dreidels, don your Santa’s yarmulkes and dance the Jingle Hora: it’s Christmukkah time once more. Yes, the bumper Festival of Light is back, providing interfaith Londoners the excuse to drag out the festivities for eight whole nights… and Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and Boxing Day… and let’s face it, all of December really. Blogger Natalie R Harris picks her best of the season.

Latke Lounge

Take a break from your Christmas shopping at Brent Cross, where the JW3 Latke Lounge is offering a free family medley of Chanukah nail art, games, sing-a-longs and live music. If that’s a little juvenile for your tastes, get stuck into a mulled wine and mince pie for £5.95 at nearby bubbly bar Oh You Pretty Things.

The JW3 Latke Lounge opens outside The Kanteen on the Lower Mall on Sunday December 21 from noon.

Eleganza Extravaganza

Who doesn’t love an interactive improvisation theatre party for charity? The Alphabetties Chrismukkah Eleganza Extravaganza (breathe) is a melting pot of acts, games, improvisation and general party ‘funtimes’, with all proceeds going to SHELTER.

The Alphabetties Chrismukkah Eleganza Extravaganza is at 186 Hackney Road, E2 7QL, Thursday December 4, 7.30pm to 11.00pm.

© Jewish Museum London

© Jewish Museum London

Vintage virtues

For some calming culture away from the Christmas crowds, head to the Jewish Museum, Camden, where you can admire the Boris Bennett portrait photography exhibition, showcasing vintage Hollywood glamour in London’s East End.

A panel discussion with the curator, publisher and designer of Bennet’s photographic monograph is taking place on Sunday December 14 at 3pm.

Cronuts in London

Kosher Chrimbo

Renowned for their ‘crodough’ – croissant pastry fried like a doughnut (extremely apt for the festival of fried foods) – Rinkoffs Bakery can be found merrily stuffing their Christmukkah creations with mince pie mix, custard, and toffee apple crumble. For a classier kashrut dining experience, try Bevis Marks: The Restaurant, E1 (not to be confused with London’s oldest synagogue), where the closest thing to turkey you’ll find is that ‘Jewish Penicillin’ for the ages: chicken soup with matzo balls.

Bright city lights

No Christmukkah would be complete without Chanukah in the Square, a giant menorah-lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square, backed by BoJo. Worth it for the spectacle… and the free doughnuts.

Chanukah in the Square takes place on Tuesday December 16 from 6.00pm to 7.30pm.

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