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It’s Nice That Annual: a curated snapshot of creative brilliance from 2014

Posted at 2:15 pm, December 8, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Design

We love art and design website It’s Nice That and always look forward to their end of year annual, which rounds up the coolest creative stuff from across the globe. Obviously international projects are awesome but London is our main priority here, so we asked Editor in Chief Rob Alderson for his top ten picks of ace arty shizzle that’s happened in our fair city in the last 12 months.

I have spent so much time working on the It’s Nice That Annual these past few months that choosing ten projects from the book was a bit like choosing your favourite child. But again like picking a favourite son or daughter, when push came to shove and I really thought it about there were ten that I felt particularly passionate about (although granted the list might be totally different next week, next month etc).

Dot Dash

Dot Dash
One of my favourite identity projects of the past 12 months, London studio Dot Dash created a great new look for Fatties bakery built around the simple trick of elongating either the “a” to the “e”, as though it had been on an eclair binge.

Scheltenes Abbenes

Scheltenes Abbenes
Photographers Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes have had another great year but surpassed even their own sky-high standards in a shoot for the London-based Gentlewoman magazine. Styled by Sam Logan, it’s a terrifically stylish still-life study of the humble pocket, but in their hands it’s very special indeed.

nous vous

Nous Vous
Jay Cover, William Edmonds and Nicolas Burrows, aka London-based collective Nous Vous, created a huge drawing to be broken down and run in six different issues of the Walker Art Center’s magazine. It’s weird, wonderful and packed with art history references.


Shoreditch-based ustwo cost us countless hours of our lives this year thanks to the gorgeous and utterly addictive Monument Valley game. Guiding Princess Ida through a series of geometric puzzles was compelling enough but it helped that the world ustwo created was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

alice tye

Alice Tye
Alice Tye only graduated in the summer of 2013 but has already amassed a whole host of admirers queuing up to commission her stunning illustrations. Her series of shops for an article about 1970s Soho in The Gourmand magazine is one of the stand-out pieces of editorial illustrations this year.

emily stein

Emily Stein
Photographers often have to immerse themselves in difficult or dangerous scenarios to get the shots they need but few went as far as Emily Stein, who threw herself into the sweaty, hormone-soaked world of teenage mosh pits. The pictures proved it was more than worth it.


Leif Podhajsky
We cover a lot of record sleeve design here at It’s Nice That but creative director Leif Podhajsky’s work for Kelis’ Food remains one of the very best examples from the past 12 months.


Photographer Baker’s love letter to Sunday League football, shot on Hackney Marshes, is one of the most evocative projects of the year. You can almost smell the Deep Heat as Baker captures the players, the personalities and the pitches that make park footy so special.

bonsoir paris

Bonsoir Paris
The terrific young French studio of Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari created an exceptional window installation for Selfridges on Oxford Street built around the unlikely yet amazing combination of marble and inflatable plastic.

anna victoria best

Anna Victoria Best
Anna Victoria Best’s shoot for Varon magazine was that excellent combination of simplicity and genius as she documented shoes against the atmospheric backdrop of a scuffed wooden dance floor.

Find out more at theitsnicethatannual.com. For more arty goodness take a look at this week’s best new art.

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