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The old Foyles building is being turned into a laser tag venue

Posted at 4:10 pm, December 8, 2014 in Fun London


Over at Time Out Towers we feel a strong affection and nostalgia for the old Foyles building on Charing Cross Road, which closed earlier this year when they moved to a shiny new shop a few doors down. Since closing in June, the former store has sat abandoned with only boxes, signs and the remnants of the move remaining inside the dusty windows. And then last week it was open once again – this time selling cheap clothes, souvenirs and phone covers. Because of course there aren’t enough tourist tat shops in the West End.


So you can imagine our surprise when we were passing today and saw this sign (above) hanging one of the side windows! Could it be true? Will the former Foyles soon be a laser tag venue?! Well we can now inform you that yes, yes it will be.

On December 15, the new Star Command Laser Tag will open on Charing Cross Road with games starting at £6.25 for 20 minutes (Mon-Fri, 3-6pm) and going up to £18 per person for an hour long game for 20 people or more. We spoke to the folks over at Star Command HQ and they said that it will be taking over the ground floor after moving out of the Trocedero two years ago.

They promise the ‘latest technology to give you the most exciting gaming experience’, ‘Laser lighting to create surreal and stunning visual effects’ and ‘full surround sound immersing you into the virtual world that is Star Command’. And if their website is anything to go by, it will look a lot like this.


The reaction in TO Towers has been mixed with some squeals of glee and groans of boredom. Exciting new addition to the West End or waste of space? You decide.

Find out more and book now at ultimaterecreation.co.uk.

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