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The UK’s ten most Instagram geotagged locations are all in London

Posted at 8:15 am, December 8, 2014 in Photos of London

Photo: @missnidababyy

Time to give ourselves a pat on the back again. Instagram has revealed the ten locations in the UK that people tag themselves in most, and they’re all in London. Boom. 

Tower Bridge tops the list, with the Tower of London and Harrods making up the top three. But what does this mean? Well, our success could be because:

A) More people in London use Instagram geotagging than in the rest of the UK

B) People like showing off that they’re at London tourist attractions more than other UK attractions

C) More people visit London tourist attractions than other attractions

D) London is the best place in the UK

Guess what? We’re going with D.

See the rest of the top ten below… 

2. Tower of London


Photo: @iamspg

3. Harrods


Photo: @saralongo92


4. Big Ben


Photo: @brookewills

5. British Museum


Photo: @_nadie_es_perfecto

6. The London Eye


Photo: @k_redberry

7. Camden Town


Photo: @_chiaracas

8. Hyde Park


Photo: @girlmeetsglobe

9. Victoria and Albert Museum


Photo: @tarissima

10. Natural History Museum


Photo: @anahbm

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