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London might be getting double-decker trains

Posted at 5:15 pm, December 15, 2014 in Transport
© Flickr: Omer Simkha

© Flickr: Omer Simkha

If you’ve traveled around Europe a fair amount, you’ve probably experienced that exciting moment when your train pulls up and WOAH it’s a DOUBLE-DECKER! Okay, maybe it’s just us who are getting giddy over these two-floored wonders, but you could soon be seeing a lot more of them as Network Rail have proposed double-decker trains to run between Southampton, Woking and London Waterloo to ease overcrowding during busy periods.

Over the next 30 years rail passenger numbers are expected to go from 1.6 billion a year to 3.2 billion. That’s a lot of people. Other measures to ease our travelling pain include narrower train seats (breathe in, everyone), more platforms, ‘flyovers’ where trains could bypass busy stations and a new London terminus, possibly in Shoreditch.

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