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In beautiful pictures: London vs Australia by two Kate Berrys

Posted at 11:00 am, December 17, 2014 in Photos of London

tumblr_nfba94XI8C1tss87do1_1280All photography © Kate Berry

You know when you google your name (come on, we’ve all done it) and someone else’s details pop up? You can feel a bit put out. Even if you’ve got an unusual name like Edison or Zelie you’re never the only one out there. Well Londoner Kate Berry had a google sesh and discovered another Kate Berry in Australia with a photography blog in a style similar to her own. But instead of getting peeved, she got in touch and they’re collaborating on a project entitled ‘The Other Kate Berry’. And the results are stunning. They live on opposite sides of the globe but are both fascinated by light, and they post a picture every day that compares and contrasts with the other’s. London vs Australia, which do you prefer? (London, obvs!)

Take a look at some of their photos… (click to enlarge them)The Other Kate Berry project © Kate Berry

4:20pm Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, Hackney, UK

7:16am Clarkes Hill, Victoria, Australia

28 Oct 2014

©Kate Berry

3:11pm London Fields, Hackney, London, UK

12:47pm Huxtaburger, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1 Nov 2014


3:46pm Liverpool street, City of London, London, UK

4:47pm Sailors Falls, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

3 Nov 2014


1:10pm Oxford Street, Westminster, London, UK

3:34pm Coles Supermarket, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

5 Nov 2014


 1:31pm Somerset House, Strand, City of Westminster, London, UK

7:36pm Clarkes Hill, Victoria, Australia

12 Nov 2014


1:12pm The Wolseley, Piccadilly, City of Westminster, London, UK

9:12am Clarkes Hill, Victoria, Australia

16 Nov 2014


1:54pm Wimbledon, Merton, London, UK

9:57am Yandoit, Victoria, Australia

21 Nov 2014


5:14pm Oxford Street, City of Westminster, London, UK

4:13pm Clarkes Hill, Victoria, Australia

1 Dec 2014


 12:02pm Trafalgar Square, City of Westminster, London, UK

1:21pm Coffee Supreme, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2 Dec 2014


 9:10pm Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London, UK

8:12pm Clarkes Hill, Victoria, Australia

3 Dec 2014


For more of their stunning photography take a look at theotherkateberry.com, or follow Kate Berry’s blog (the London one) or Kate Berry’s blog (the one from Australia).

By Laura Sagar

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