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2014 in property: it’s been a mainly shit year

Posted at 10:15 am, December 30, 2014 in Property


It was a good year for: compact living

There was the house that was just 83 metres wide that went up for sale in Harringay. (See above.) Then there was the teensy bedsit in King’s Cross, which was so small you could cook while lying in bed.


It was a bad year for: beds

There was the £275,000 flat in Barnsbury where the bed was actually a shelf you had to climb over the kitchen units to get to. Then there was the £74-per-week desk in a Lewisham that was advertised as a bed.


It was a good year for: whoever was living here



It was a bad year for: whoever was living here

A landlord in Lambeth rented out a house with a MASSIVE TREE growing through it, raking in an estimated £40,000 a year in rent.


It was a good year for: flashy millionaires

A Mayfair penthouse became the most expensive home sold in the UK in September. It was one of 18 apartments sold for a total of £210 million. Then a three-bedroom apartment featuring a gym, a daily cleaning service and a 12-seat dining hall went up on Spareroom for a casual £21,000 a month. Oh, and a Mayfair parking space went on sale for £2.2 million.


It was a bad year for: non-millionaire Kate Bush fans

The house Her Bushness lived in from 1985 until 2003 went up for sale in November. It had beautiful, BEAUTIFUL ‘Wuthering Heights’ gates, but cost more than £3 million. 🙁


It was a good year for: Harry Potter living

A number of storage spaces in Brentford Dock were put up for sale in August 2014 for £7,500. Featuring concrete floors and garage-style doors, they were perfect for a new cupboard-under-the-stairs lifestyle. Meanwhile, this B&B turned its basement into Hogwarts.


It was a bad year for: tall people

A £40-per-week ‘loft conversion’ (read: cupboard) went up for rent in Paddington, with the landlord admitting tenants wouldn’t actually be able to stand in the tiny space. Plus, a Hendon landlord was fined for renting out an attic that tenants could only reach by CRAWLING up a staircase.


It was a good year for: hilariously expensive garages

With £500,000 you could buy a fleet of swanky sports cars or three suburban homes, but someone decided to spend it on a dilapidated garage off the King’s Road in Chelsea. Another buyer splashed out £359,950 on a similar garage in Stoke Newington.


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