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The best hangover cure films and TV shows on Netflix

Posted at 2:30 pm, January 1, 2015 in Fun London, TV

Oh babe, did you drink a little too much yesterday? We know, it’s such a struggle finding something to watch to soothe your poor head today. Not to worry, we’ve asked the Time Out team to pick the movies and TV shows they watch while hungover. 

Gossip Girl‘ (Seasons one and two)

‘It’s strange that the semi-ridiculous lives of over-privileged and beautiful teenagers could be so soothing for the average person, especially when the average person is me, curled up in bed with a false lash stuck to my face and a slice of pizza hanging out of my mouth. GG is hangover perfection, though: mindless, emotional enough for you to legitimately cry to and full of hotties.’

Kate Lloyd

Arrested Development

‘Because there’s always funny in the banana stand. Even when you want to sick up your own brain.’

Alexi Duggins

Battlestar Galactica

‘In the vacuum of space, you can feel no hangover. That’s what makes sci-fi so perfect for when you feel like spewing and dying at the same time. And ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is ideal because the constant, unending pain that humanity has to endure in the show is so easy to relate to when you’re trying to recover from drinking all the booze in London.’

Eddy Frankel

Orange is the New Black

‘It’s the ultimate distraction from a horrific hangover and reminds me that – though my unquenchably dry mouth and queasy stomach feel like the worst thing in the world – at least I can puke in private and enjoy a bacon buttie rather than a tampon sandwich. ​’

Laura Sagar

‘Defiance’ then ‘Munich‘ then ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘ then ‘Machine Gun Preacher

‘To counteract a hangover, you need something that occupies the most primal, lizardy bits of your brain, which would otherwise be focusing on generating the sensations of nausea and pain. For me, that requires action. Unfortunately an eight-day bout of gastrointestinal catastrophe means I’ve re-watched the Bourne trilogy to exhaustion, but there are other options. For a crunchy, headachey hangover, consider a Daniel Craig double bill with ‘Defiance’ and ‘Munich’. But if alcohol’s after-effects are proving near-cosmic in their totality, and any shade of ethical nuance might only make you feel more queasy, go for some back-to-back Gerard Butler Shooting Stuff with ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and excellently-titled ‘Machine Gun Preacher’.’

Guy Parsons

Or if you can manage to make it out of the house, here’s what’s on at a cinema near you

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