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Time Out’s predictions for 2015

Posted at 3:30 pm, January 3, 2015 in Fun London

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2015 – we’ve got your number…

It will be a good year for…


East London’s getting its own flower show, a hipster challenger for Chelsea. At the first London Flower Show in Victoria Park (September 11-13) five pavilions will house floral competitions, family entertainment and a bar (this is Bow we’re talking about). Tickets are available at londonflowershow.co.uk and entries for the award categories are invited from February. So get those prize-winning flowers and vegetables planted, pronto.

And a bad year for…


When you hear that someone’s staging an exhibition documenting a hot trend you can be pretty sure that said trend will shortly be on its way out. Enjoy Brock Elbank’s photographs in ‘Beards’ (March 5-29) at Somerset House. Then buy yourself a razor: smooth as a baby’s bum will be the look to aim for next year.



It will be a good year for…

Peruvian food

After a slow start a couple of years ago, the Peruvian restaurant scene is now gathering pace like a guinea pig on coca leaves.

And a bad year for…


A few months ago KFC unveiled their London food truck. How long before McDonald’s et al muscle in too?



It will be a good year for…

Shoes on plinths

The Fashion and Textile Museum and the V&A have both announced major footwear exhibitions opening next summer: ‘Rayne: Shoes for Stars’ (May 22) and ‘Shoes, Pleasure and Pain’ (June 13) respectively. After the Design Museum’s Louboutin retrospective in 2012 broke all records for ticket sales, it looks like more of London’s cultural institutions are tapping into the fact that footwear means footfall.

And a bad year for…


Meanwhile, catwalk designers have finally taken note of the fact that very high heels can hurt like hell. Chanel, Carven, Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham have been among the many fashion brands finally giving sisters a break, with some very fancy flats. Expect the high street to answer in style.




It will be a good year for…

The box office

Hollywood’s money men must be rubbing their hands with glee. From ‘Fast and Furious 7’ in April, through a summer that includes (deep breath) ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, George Clooney sci-fi flick ‘Tomorrowland’, ‘Jurassic World’, ‘The Minions Movie’, ‘Ted 2’ and ‘Fantastic 4’, to the December 18 release of some space movie people are getting excited about (see below), expect every cinema trip to be drowned out by the sound of cash registers going ker-ching.

And a bad year for…

Anyone who hates ‘Star Wars’

If you have an irrational horror of shiny droids, laser blasts and ridiculously cool spaceships, it may be time to start exploring job opportunities in Antarctica. For the rest of us, bring on the trailers, toys, cereals, T-shirts and lunchboxes. 

Denmark Street


It will be a good year for…

Political songs

British musicians have been giving ‘the man’ an easy ride for years, but with a General Election looming, surely some artists will ‘do a Russell Brand’ and have the temerity to tell it like it is?

And a bad year for…

Denmark Street

Having served as a hub for British guitar music for generations, the British Tin Pan Alley could disappear thanks to Crossrail.


Tenu pop up reindeer food


It will be a good year for…


You thought there were a lot of pop-ups in 2014? That was just a warm-up. Expect 2015 to be positively teeming with the little scamps, to the point where you won’t be able to leave your flat without falling into a pop-up party/street food stall/ barber shop/alpine lodge.

And a bad year for…


The obscenely chintzy, suffocatingly kitsch musical hybrid that soundtracked a million retro parties and maims both the genres it thieves from looks like it’s fading out of the cultural consciousness. Finally



It will be a good year for…


As you’ll be aware, Benedict Cumberbatch is ‘giving’ his Hamlet next year. It’s long sold out, but 100 £10 seats have been kept in reserve for each performance. If, as we expect, these are sold as dayseats, you can imagine the Barbican forecourt will turn into something resembling a refugee camp, as swooning ‘Cumberbitches’ camp out in numbers that make the ‘Jerusalem’ queues of 2011 look reasonable.

And a bad year for…

The British musical

Okay, let’s not be too doom ’n’ gloom: the imminent adaptation of ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ might prove a winner. But after the ‘I Can’t Sing!’ misfire and the collapse of Jamie Lloyd’s ‘Back to the Future’ project, there’s no sign at all of major new Brit work that can fill the biggest West End stages


monty python


It will be a good year for…


More and more live pod-records are springing up in London – panel shows, in-depth interviews, even sitcoms. Free from the time restraints of TV and radio, comics can say whatever they want, and it’s often makes for funnier viewing than anything on the box.

And a bad year for… 


It’ll be hard to beat the hype surrounding Monty Python’s gigs last summer. Practically any golden oldie comedy troupe could reform in 2015 and no one will give two shits.



It will be a good year for…


Whether you’re an acquirer of art treasure or just have a desk drawer full of carrier bags, you’re in tune with the big theme of 2015 – collecting. ‘Magnificent Obsessions’, the Barbican’s major show for spring, looks at the stuff amassed by artists including Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Peter Blake, and becomes a trove of taxidermy, tribal masks, record covers and cookie jars. During the summer the Royal Academy celebrates Joseph Cornell, the sculptor who created art boxes from stockpiled memorabilia.

And a bad year for…


There’ll be no easing yourself into the new year. Starting on January 5, the ICA presents ‘Fig-2’, a fast-paced series of weekly shows that promises everything from paintings and installations to performances and gigs.

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