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Animal lover? You can now get paid to be a cat sitter

Posted at 1:15 pm, January 5, 2015 in Animals, News
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Are you a cat lover looking to make some extra cash to put in the kitty? Maybe you’re a cat owner on the hunt for someone to look after your beloved pet while you go on holiday. Well, you’re in a luck!

A new online community  has been launched to connect pet owners in London with potential cat-sitters. Called Cat In Flat, the site’s owners explain they set up the site after having trouble finding someone to look after their own kitties.

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They write: ‘We set about creating a network where true cat lovers would look after our cats, giving us peace of mind that they are being fed, played with and getting plenty of belly-rubbing/sock-chasing/window-staring/box-sitting.’

Want to become a cat sitter? You’ve got a tough evaluation process to go through: you’ve got to set up a profile, show some form of ID and be interviewed about your ‘cat related experience’.

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