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Write on! Shaun Levin presents maps for the mind

Posted at 10:30 am, January 5, 2015 in Maps, Shopping & Style
Writing Cities Cover

The search for creativity is a difficult one. If only there were some sort of guide to lead us to our internal font of ideas… Oh wait, there is! And not just one, but three, all neatly packed into a travel-friendly box.

‘Writing Maps’, the ingenious concept dreamt up by creative writing tutor Shaun Levin, gives authors of all levels the cure to writer’s block. The beautifully illustrated maps offer prompts and inspirations for different elements of a story, so no matter what you’re stuck on you’ll find something thought-provoking to jog your brain back into action.

The box set of ‘Writing Maps’ includes three maps – of your choice if you make a note when ordering – a notebook, a double-edged pen (for writing and rewriting) and a slab of organic Seed & Bean chocolate. There are 15 maps in all, so here are a few to help you decide…

Writing People 1

‘Writing People – A Map for Crowded Places’

City of Inspiration 1

‘The City of Inspiration – A Writing Map’

'Survival Kit for Writers'

‘Survival Kit for Writers’ by Shaun Levin, £20, www.writingmaps.com

Not enough map action for ya? Click here for more.

By Danielle Goldstein

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