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London won’t have an air ambulance for three weeks

Posted at 2:30 pm, January 6, 2015 in News, Transport
London Air Ambulance helipad

London will be without any air ambulance for three whole weeks this year. Here’s why.

Did you know that London only has one single air ambulance? Yep, that’s one air ambulance to serve nine million people and this year, when maintenance is being done on the helicopter, there will be no replacement. The charity that runs the air ambulance can’t use the normal replacement because of new European regulations, so patients in need will be unreachable by helicopter.

Before you start panicking, there will be a rapid-response car working instead of the helicopter, but the procedure will not run as effectively as something that zooms above all the traffic.

London’s air ambulance costs £5 million each year and the charity need us to help out its 160 patients a month by donating to a fundraising campaign that will hopefully help kit London out with a second ambulance in time for summer.

In November last year the charity treated 34 stabbing or shooting victims, 61 victims of road collisions, and 45 people who had fallen from height. With another helicopter they will be able to help another 400 patients each year and run a smoother service.

Donate £5 to the appeal for a second helicopter by texting HELICOPTER to 70800.

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