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Eat your way to a better 2015

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 7, 2015 in Food & Drink
© Rob Greig

© Rob Greig

Make a new exercise plan, Fran. Knock back that juice, Bruce. Get a new hobby, Bobby. This January, sort your body (and your life) out with the help of Eddy Frankel’s exhaustive round-up of how to be a better human. Let’s start with food.

Savage Salads
Street food is all about grease, fat, cheese and sugar. Sure, it’s great, but this is a new year, and a new you. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you on the streets, though, just check out Savage Salads. Expect ‘superfood’ salads topped with halloumi or grilled chicken, packing so much flavour that you’ll be convinced it’s bad for you. But it isn’t.

Cusco quinoa and ceviche from Senor Ceviche
It’s keen-wah, not kin-oh-ah, dahling, and this deliciously nutty South American grain is brilliantly good for you. Full of protein and enough vitamins to put Berocca out of business, quinoa is the carb of choice for discerning healthy diners. Here at Senor Ceviche, they serve it up as a side dish to accompany their equally healthy seafood ceviche dishes. Delicioso!


Vegan sushi from Itadaki Zen
If sushi is good for you, imagine how good for you vegan sushi is. For all we know, it could flush all the toxins out of your system, give you rippling abs, make you smarter and turn you into some sort of übermensch with one bite. And at Itadaki Zen, vegan sushi – and general vegan cuisine – is their speciality. The name translates roughly as ‘healing food’, so you can’t go wrong.

Burnt leek and duck egg from Grain Store
If Christmas has given you the meat sweats, head to Grain Store. It’s a fancy restaurant which prioritises all that is green and good to prove that vegetarian food doesn’t have to taste like a mixture of beans and cardboard. Its burnt leek and slow-poached duck egg on fermented corn brioche made it on to our list of London’s top ten dishes, and yes, it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Lasagne Verdure at Nama Foods
The raw food movement believes that cooking food above 115F kills most vitamins and nutrients. Whether you believe this or not, you can get a taste of the scope of raw cuisine at Nama Foods in Notting Hill by indulging in their lasagne, which features slivers of courgette instead of pasta. It’s not half as bad as it sounds, in fact it’s pretty damn tasty.

Five more to try 

● Scallop, crème de aji and cucumber ceviche at Pachamama.

● Sea bream, rasam, mustard seed and potatoes at Nopi.

● Avocado on toast at Caravan.

● Warm lentil stew at Honey and Co.

● Chirashi zushi sushi set at Yoshino.

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