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The final ‘Hellraiser’ tape has vanished from its bus stop roof

Posted at 10:00 am, January 7, 2015 in Fun London, News

[Tragic scenes. Photo: Lara Roussel]

This fairly boring bus stop on Old Kent Road has become something of a cult favourite for south-east London’s top-deck travellers. As far back as 2011, its roof has been home to a VHS copy of ‘Hellraiser‘, and has attracted a slow but steady stream of appreciative tweets ever since.


The tape itself has disappeared for a while, only to inexplicably reappear later on. More recently, the horror tape has been joined (at various times) by more copies of ‘Hellraiser’, a copy of ‘Hellraiser 2’, ‘Toy Story’, and ‘a sexy boot.’

But it seems a portal to hell has whisked them all to a new, terrible dimension. Today a heartbroken Lara Roussel reports that after four glorious years, London’s most unlikely VHS lending library has vanished altogether.

Asked for comment, the bus stop remarked: ‘Cassettes, I had a few…’


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