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Think your way to a better 2015

Posted at 2:15 pm, January 9, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

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Make a new exercise plan, Fran. Knock back that juice, Bruce. Get a new hobby, Bobby. This January, sort your body (and your life) out with the help of Eddy Frankel’s exhaustive round-up of how to be a better human. Let’s go with the mind.

Learn to speak proper
Elocution? You wot? Int that summink to do wiv stickin a fork in a socket? No my friend, elocution is learning how to talk nice, in this case with the assistance of beautifully modulated actor Sir Timothy Ackroyd. You know he’ll be good because he’s a Sir, and he will no doubt impart much of his perfectly enunciated expertise to you. You’ll soon be communicating far more clearly, and you’ll be amazed by how much of a difference being understood makes.

Make your own speakers
Escape from your headphone-shackled existence. Learn about the electronics and acoustics of speaker design by building your own – out of anything from a balloon to a cereal box. Technology Will Save Us puts on regular tech hacker workshops which will show you just how, and give you the materials to do it too. Next workshop is on February 7 at Machines Room in Lime Wharf, E2.

Sign up to a coding course
Soon, the machines will rise up and turn humanity into a race of mindless drone slaves. If you want any chance of survival as a free human, you must learn to code. Also, it’s 2015 now, so get with the times. The Maker’s Academy do a fine line in coding courses, so you’ll be conversing with the machines in no time.

Get cultured at the Courtauld
Tired of being an uncultured dolt? Become the next Brian Sewell by attending a short art history course at his alma mater, the Courtauld Insitute of Art – a university which only teaches art history and has produced the majority of Britain’s art critics. If a short course sounds like too much work, their lunchtime lectures are the perfect quick fixes for sorting out all your isms.

Become more confident
Are you a human doormat? Do people figuratively walk all over you? Or literally, even? The School of Life may have the course for you, then. Its ‘How to Be Confident’ lessons uses psychology, philosophy, anthropology and maths to give you vital insights into how to get your swag on. Also, there’s a buffet. So it’s win-win.

Five more to try

● Inspired speakers in secret venues at Lost Lectures.

● Drop-in talks at the Wellcome Collection.

● Pottery classes at Hackney City Farm (it’s BYOB!).

● Learn to make your own beer at Home Brew Depot.

● Join the WI – such as the unstuffy Shoreditch Sisters – for classes and debates.

Find out how to drink and eat yourself better this 2015!

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