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Exercise your way to a better 2015

Posted at 12:30 pm, January 10, 2015 in Fun London

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Make a new exercise plan, Fran. Knock back that juice, Bruce. Get a new hobby, Bobby. This January, sort your body (and your life) out with the help of Eddy Frankel’s exhaustive round-up of how to be a better human. Let’s go with body.

Hot yoga at Sohot Bikram Yoga Studios 
We all know yoga is good for us, but to really feel the effects, you have to replicate a blisteringly hot Delhi day by doing your stretching and om-chanting in a room that’s sweatier than Satan’s crotch. That’s what you get at hot yoga – the usual poses and noises, but in a 40C room. Sweat out those toxins and get limber at the same time. Perfect.

Learn to climb at Castle Climbing Centre 
This is the year for you to finally scale unprecedented new heights. Okay, maybe not in your career or love life, that’s a pretty tall order, but at the very least you can reach for the stars by learning how to climb. Classes at the Castle Climbing Centre (yes, it looks just like a castle!) on Green Lanes will build your core strength and fitness, while you look really cool in a harness with a little pouch full of chalk.

Spinning at SoulCycle
Spinning will certainly tone your body, but what about your soul? At SoulCycle, you get the best of both worlds – a work out for your muscles and your mind. No ordinary spin class, you can expect atmospheric candlelight accompanied by inspirational instructors. It’s been a huge hit with the celebs and is set to hit London sometime soon.

Dance off at Frame
Let’s be clear about something here, exercise can be boring. Sitting around, watching ‘Neighbours’ and eating Wotsits – that’s fun. But not exercise. Except at Frame, where they’ve done their utmost to make it not boring at all, especially in their boy band v girl band dance-off exercise class. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and will have you sitting on chairs backwards in no time.

Massage at Osteon
We weren’t built to sit down all day. We’re meant to be bounding across the savannahs, hunting gazelles. And if you’re anything like most office workers, it’s playing havoc with your back. At Osteon in Soho, you can see an osteopath, a sports masseuse or a physiotherapist who’ll sort out your back pain and help with your posture as well. Yeah, baby got (pain-free) back.

Five more to try

Boomcycle’s intensive spin classes.

● Tone ’n’ twerk workout at Gymbox.

Voga: a mix of yoga and ‘vogueing’.

● Hula-hooping school at the Indytute.

Anti Gravity Yoga’s aerial yoga.

Find out how to thinkdrink and eat yourself better this 2015!

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