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Pisco fever: is the Peruvian spirit London’s new favourite booze?

Posted at 5:15 pm, January 10, 2015 in Food & Drink
senor ceviche

The cocktail list at Señor Ceviche concentrates, naturally, on pisco. Peru and Chile are the only two countries that make this wine-distilled spirit, and they take it seriously: Peru in particular has stringent rules about how it’s made. Exporters of the stuff have been hoping for a pisco revolution that would make it as popular overseas as gin or vodka, but despite predictions in some precincts of the press for years and years, it hasn’t happened.

Pisco remains largely a creature of Peruvian restaurants, and you can get a good list of them here. One that isn’t mentioned in our favourite Peruvian dinning spots is the newly branded Pisco Bar at Lima Floral, which is teaming up with cocktail guru Simon Difford to create new pisco drinks to go with its menu of light bites. Another new venture is Pisco Embassy, which has recently taken up residence at the Comedor Grill & Bar in Islington (if you want to stay later than 2am, you have to pay a one-off £10 membership fee).

So: will the trickle become a flood? Are we all going to be dancing soon to the pisco tune? Time will tell.

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