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Smells like home: Britain’s top five most welcoming smells

Posted at 12:30 pm, January 11, 2015 in Fun London
Prufrock Coffee © Rob Greig / Time Out

As part of a recent survey, Barratt Homes asked 2,000 Brits to name the smells they found most welcoming. Here are the results – a countdown of the five odours that make us feel most at home. 

5. Fried breakfast

Because grease makes a house a home – especially in you live in a high street caff. 

4. Pasta and pesto

The scent of authentic Italian cuisine. Also, a shade easier to make than beans on toast. 

3. Home-baking

Because, secretly, we’d all love to go round Mary Berry’s gaff for tea and cake. 

2. Coffee

Undeniably, freshly ground coffee smells like heaven. Though that might be our addiction talking. 

1. A roast dinner

A chicken that’s spent a few hours in the oven is a beautiful thing. It’s still not Nando’s, though.

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