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A crisp sandwich café now exists

Posted at 8:00 am, January 13, 2015 in Food & Drink

Last year, London got a cereal café, a tin can restaurant, a cat café and a board game café. One thing we didn’t get was a crisp sandwich café. 

Simply Crispy in Belfast has become the world’s first restaurant specialising in bread rolls and Walkers (or Chipsticks, if you prefer). The just-opened café started as a joke by satirical website Ulster Fry, before café owner Andrew McMenamin decided to make it REAL.

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Customers pick which bread and crisps they want before adding an extra helping of cheese or ham. They can then add soup, chips and extra Monster Munch croutons. And with prices starting at £3.50, it’s a value-for-money lunch.

We refuse to let Belfast beat us at our own novelty restaurant game, though. Here are five cafés that should open in London this year:

1. The dip café

This bring-your-own-crudités restaurant will have fountains of salsa and guacamole flowing down the walls and a giant four-dip selection pack on a central table. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the hummus river during your visit.

2. The carton café 

If it comes in a carton, it’ll be on sale at this niche hotspot. Try the extensive variety of concentrated juices, the wide range of both chopped and whole tomatoes and enjoy a bowl of custard for dessert.

3. The Potato Smiles and spaghetti hoops café

Relive your primary school lunches in this nostalgic restaurant. Designed to look like your school canteen (with dinner ladies and everything), you’ll be able to order everything from fish fingers to potato waffles.

4. The chewing gum café 

Forget actually eating, you’ll be able to sample the delights of gourmet gum at this little charming little spot. Combine gums for custom flavours and take a selfie with the rainbow mountain of spat-out gum for the perfect take-home memory.

5. The cheese and cracker café

Okay, we can’t take the piss out of this one. Can someone please actually make it happen?

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