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‘Back to the Future’ is back in the near future – but where’s Huey Lewis?

Posted at 2:45 pm, January 14, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
back to the future

Having conquered London last year in its interactive Secret Cinema guise, Robert Zemeckis’s time-hopping comedy classic ‘Back to the Future’ will return this summer, marking its thirtieth anniversary with a live rescore of the film at the Royal Albert Hall. To make matters even more exciting for soundtrack geeks, Grammy-winning composer Alan Silvestri has agreed to compose 15 minutes of new music in a ‘Back to the Future’ stylee to accompany the screening.

Now, while we love the idea of seeing this beloved film favourite with a full booming orchestra, we do have a small bone to pick. Of course Alan Silvestri’s score is terrific – but is that the music people really remember from ‘Back to the Future’? How about flying the still-active Huey Lewis and the News over to perform their classic ‘Back in Time’? Or reforming Marvin Berry and the Starlighters for a slow-dancing ‘Earth Angel’?

Well, the event isn’t until July 4, so perhaps the organisers will have had a change of heart by then. Either way, you can pick up tickets from the Royal Albert Hall website, and keep an eye on timeout.com for loads more exciting film pop-ups and happenings in London every week.

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