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Camden council proposes a £1 per night ‘bed tax’ for tourists

Posted at 8:15 am, January 14, 2015 in News
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Should tourists foot the bill for government cuts?

Watch out future tourists visiting our beautiful city, the next time you come to town you may have to pay an extra £1 a night to stay in central London hotels.

In order to plug funding gaps created by government cuts, Camden council has proposed a £1-a-night ‘bed tax’ for tourists. Think it’s a ridiculous idea? Well, FYI Paris, Berlin and Barcelona are already doing it, and if London follows suit it would generate an extra £5 million a year to spend on street cleaning in popular tourist areas.

Hoteliers have suggested that the levy would ‘discourage international tourists from visiting London.’ But what do you think? Will anyone even notice a cheeky extra quid increase on the sky-high costs for hotel rooms? Or would it create an increase in the use of sites like Airbnb (which is probably happening already)?

At the moment, local authorities don’t have the power to tax stays in hotels, but Camden council’s campaign requesting an increase in local spending powers is looking to change this. 

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