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A Londoner has invented a sex dream stimulator

Posted at 8:00 am, January 15, 2015 in Secret London

God bless crowd funding. First it brought us a ‘Garden State’ sequel and a whole lot of potato salad, now it’s brought to our attention a Londoner’s attempt to create Total Erotic Freedom.

Tony Maggs has developed the Dream Rooster, a vibrating device you put in your pants to give you lucid sex dreams. Cheeky.

As you may or may not be able to guess from the picture above, the women’s device sits between the labia, while the men’s is basically a cock ring. (Comes in three different sizes for your comfort, guys). It’s no mere sex toy though, it’s a serious training device.

As Tony explains: ‘Worn during the day, Dream Rooster vibrates silently for ten seconds at random intervals. You simply do a dream test whenever you feel Dream Rooster vibrating in your underwear.’ (See below).


‘Once you are in the habit of automatically doing a dream test whenever you feel Dream Rooster’s vibrations while awake, you will do so even in your sleep. And when Dream Rooster starts vibrating, you will start lucid sexual dreaming.’

Important: you’ve only got one day left to donate to this world-changing project and it still needs $45,000 worth of funding; so cough up guys. You can pay $59 for a single Dream Rooster or $129 for a pair (apparently perfect if you’re two friends who want to ‘save on shipping’).

Bag yourself a stimulator here.

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