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Puglian food, London’s best Irish pub, and French fashion: it’s the best bits of Queen’s Park

Posted at 10:15 am, January 17, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Music & Nightlife, Shopping & Style

Moreton Mushrooms

Battle past the baby buggies to get to the genteel heart of Queen’s Park.

Why go there?
Because you really enjoy having people ram their prams into your ankles at every possible opportunity.

What’s the vibe?
Aggressively parental. Expect a multitude of parents, careering down the pavement with three Tabithas and four Tobys in tow, smashing bystanders out of the way in a desperate race to bag the last bunch of kale at the farmers’ market.

Sounds bloody awful.
In many ways it is. But beyond the three-wheeler buggies and organic papooses, you’ll find bars, pubs restaurants and delis aplenty.

Salusbury Food Store

What’s on the menu then?
The Salusbury Foodstore is the lunch spot of choice. This deli-café does great pizzas, sizeable salads and enough lasagne to feed half of Milan. Also on Salusbury Road you’ll find tapas at Caldo, big breakfasts at Jack’s and baked goods at Gail’s. On Lonsdale Road, Ostuni serves up slightly fancier-than-home-cooked Puglian fare while Hugo’s does English food and jazz soirées.

alice house

And to drink?
Gastropubs are the order of the day. Start with The Alice House, which is all bare brick, bare bulbs, bare craft beer and fancy burgers and steaks. Further up Salusbury Road you’ll find the aptly named Salusbury, where you can expect your standard Hoegaarden and Guinness but with a raucous, media-dads’-night-out vibe. If it’s a proper local you’re after, head for The Corrib Rest on Salusbury Road – possibly London’s best Irish pub. Endless TV screens, cheap beer, huge stews and more yelling than you can imagine. There are few better places in London to watch every Premier League game at once.

How about some retail therapy?
Queen’s Park Books does exactly what you might think it would do, and does it well. For fashion lovers, Iris sells all the cute dresses and French fashion (from the likes of Isabel Marant and Sessun) you could ever want and Michiko Koshino sells ultra-fancy Japanese cotton T-shirts. They’re all to be found on Salusbury Road.

And if I only do one thing?
Head to Queen’s Park itself on a Sunday morning and indulge in a quick round of pitch ’n’ putt before enjoying the delights of the award-winning farmers’ market at Salusbury Primary School. Ah, golf and groceries… how very civilised.

By Eddy Frankel, who is a very aggressive pitch ’n’ putter.

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