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Work a treat: four fabulous restorative treatments

Posted at 12:00 pm, January 17, 2015 in Fun London

Spa and Massage

Has London turned you into a frazzled-haired, exhausted hunchback? Katie Rosseinsky suggests the treatments you need to fix those Big Smoke problems.

Typist’s hunch
Got the posture of a pensioner? A deep tissue massage sounds pretty intense, but it’s the best way to get rid of knots. Prices start at £35 for 30 minutes at any of Spa & Massage’s six branches. Plus a free physio consultation will help sort out your bad slouching habits.
Cheat it For better desk posture, physiotherapist Giorgia Di Domenico says ‘feet must be flat on the floor, with thighs parallel to the ground.’

Not-so happy feet
The average salon pedicure won’t sort out troll-like trotters. Like an MOT for the feet, Margaret Dabbs’s Medical Pedicure (£80) promises to save your soles in 45 minutes. A trained podiatrist will slough off dead skin and leave even the most Hobbit-y of feet as soft as a baby’s.
Cheat it For healthy feet, Margaret says: ‘The key is a decent foot file – for long term results, use the Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File (£24) once a week.’

Tired, limp hair
In a hard water area like London, tresses get lank and oily quicker, thanks to mineral build-up at the scalp. Using a camera with 600 percent magnification, Aveda’s free Healthy Hair check-up allows an expert to analyse the scalp and recommend a course of action.
Cheat it Michael Lendon, creative director at the Aveda Lifestyle Salon, says: ‘It’s important to wash your hair twice in hard water areas – first to remove build-up and then to thoroughly cleanse the follicles.’

For partied-out eyes
Dark circles to rival an endangered species? Put the cucumber slices back in the salad and opt for Bliss’s Revitaleyes treatment instead. It uses an O2 infusion to perk up the eye area – for the £65 price tag, the equally puntastic Fabulips exfoliation service is thrown in, too.
Cheat it Abigail James, Global Ambassador for Liz Earle skincare, says ‘Keep cool eye pads in the fridge to stop puffiness, and choose an eye cream rich in vitamins K and B.’

For the ultimate cleanse, have a go at eating your way to a better 2015.

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