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Always the wheel thing: Coca-Cola now sponsors the London Eye

Posted at 6:15 pm, January 19, 2015 in News
Coca Cola London Eye

What’s 135m tall, rotates twice an hour and has just turned bright red? No, not a freakishly huge ripening strawberry, but instead the London Eye, which is now Brought To You By Coca Cola. See:

Coca-Cola London Eye

That essentially means lots of Coke-y branding throughout the experience, including a scarlet lighting scheme at night, which will instantly date all our existing blue-hued photos of the Eye after dark.


[A now-unusable photo of the London Eye. Brilliant.]

Still, aside from the inevitable sugary-drinks-bad objections, it’s a fresh new look at least. (Although, just imagine that wheel glowing in Marmite Yellow, Heinz Baked Bean Green or, perhaps most British of all, Rich Tea Beige, and feel your patriotism gland tingle in your gizzards.)  By 2020, of course, the London Eye is predicted to have turned enough profit that it can sponsor itself, becoming the London Eye London Eye, or just the ‘Eye Eye!’ for short.

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