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Five things we learned about Lena Dunham

Posted at 1:30 pm, January 20, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
lena dunham © Danielle Levitt

We chatted to the bestselling writer, creator, actress and director of TV show ‘Girls’. As always, she was brilliantly candid. Here’s a few great things we learnt about her:  

She loves British TV.

‘I almost cried when I met the cast of “Call the Midwife”.’

Seriously, she’s a fan of Bake Off.

‘London girls are so chic and smart and special! A few standouts are Polly Stenham, Emma Gannon, Felicity Jones, Gemma Cairny, Ruby Tandoh and my make-up artist Sarah Reygate.’

She likes to nap.

‘I’m a big proponent of napping your way through problematic portions of your life.’

She wishes she’d dated more.

‘I think something I feel embarrassed about in my twenties is that I didn’t do enough real dates. I feel like all I ever did was just go over to people’s houses and throw up. I just didn’t live that dream.’

She’s really into Lil Jon.

‘In his new song, “Bend Ova”, I thought the lyrics were “Bend over and let me see the devil”, and I was like: he IS a poet! But he was like: “Those are not the lyrics.” Though I think what I came up with is better and sexier.’

Read the full interview with Lena Dunham now.

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