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Plans for the world’s longest trampoline have been scrapped

Posted at 5:15 pm, January 21, 2015 in News

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Less than two months ago we gave you the exciting news that the world’s longest trampoline was coming to London. We were sucked in with artists’ impressions of a giant bouncy platform (aka The Bounceway) stretched across the South Bank near the London Eye. We imagined somersaulting our way to work with an actual spring in our step. TfL described it as ‘iconic’. But alas, like a massive proportion of London’s wacky ideas, this one has been axed.

It has been wiped off TfL’s Future Streets Incubator project and while we’re a bit gutted that London isn’t getting a massive trampoline, we do kind of get where Val Shawcross (Labour’s London Assembly Transport Spokesperson) was coming from when she questioned whether funding should really be taken from the transport budget for what is essentially just a tourist attraction. Though we still do think it would have been our new fave mode of transport.

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