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Five tips for the ultimate Pillow Cinema experience

Posted at 3:30 pm, January 26, 2015 in Fun London


There really is no stopping Pillow Cinema. The hugely popular, superbly cosy film screening project – which allows you to watch top movies while kicking back on a bean bag, with a pillow – has just extended its run yet again with another set of films set for the first two weeks of February.

Highlights of the new programme include ‘Groundhog Day’ (Mon Feb 2), ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ (Thu Feb 5), ‘Mean Girls’ (Sat Feb 7), ‘Interstellar’ (Wed Feb 11) and ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (Sat Feb 14). Seeing as half of London seems to want a piece of the cushioned action, here are five top tips to help you make the most of the experience.

1. Bring a pillow
Sounds obvious, right? No matter how ridiculous you might feel taking a pillow with you to the office, it really is an advantage to have one when you’re lounging back on your bean bag: it’s a valuable way of angling your head into the perfect position, for one thing. However, don’t despair if you forget, as you can hire one for a quid when you get to the venue.

2. Get there early
Being punctual is boring, but giving yourself plenty of time means you can be one of the first to head into the cinema part of the venue to choose your bean bag. Hover near the door in the upstairs area (luckily, that’s where the bar is) while they’re preparing the cinema. Then you can be one of the first down the stairs when they announce that it’s ready.

3. Choose your bean bag wisely
Sitting at the very back allows you to prop yourself up against the wall more fully, but you’ll be further from the screen. The front row has more legroom, but you’ll have to crane your neck a little more. And if you choose an end of row/aisle bean bag, consider you might have latecomers clambering over you if there are spare spots in your row.

4. Practice drinking while lying down
That’s what you’ll be doing throughout the film, and it’s harder than you might think. Lift your head up enough so that you don’t choke-cough when you sip your drink, spitting wine all over the unlucky souls around you.

5. Don’t bring too much stuff
There isn’t a whole load of room around you (it’s meant to be cosy, remember?), so try not to bring that four-piece luggage set with you, as you’ll end up lying on it/in it.

Find the full film listings and read more about Pillow Cinema.

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