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City envy: we demand London gets its own owl café

Posted at 10:00 am, January 27, 2015 in Fun London
owl cafe

Owls are awesome. They’re silky, polite and have cool twizzly heads. If we had the chance to hold one for an hour whenever we fancied, we would almost certainly pay for the opportunity.

London might already have a cat café, a board game café and a cereal café – but what it really needs is an owl joint. According to Grub Street, the hang-outs are already hot news in Tokyo. Akiba Fukurou, a café in the city’s cool Akihabara district, is currently charging people 1,500 yen (£8.40) to hang out with the feathery fellas. Grub Street’s Brandon Presser describes it as full of ‘white drapes and sconces that wouldn’t be out of place in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir’.

He says that visitors are asked to sanitise their hands and are given a tutorial in owl handling before getting to play with birds. Plus they also get a souvenir photo to take home and treasure. We reckon a London version that combined owls and cake would be a hoot.

Read more about another one of Japan’s owl cafés here.

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