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Waterloo job hunting sign guy is now hiring!

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 27, 2015 in News

alfred-ajani© Alfred Ajani

We can surely all agree that job hunting is a massive ball ache. Hours of slogging your guts out to create the perfectly tailored CV and covering letter, which are glanced over in a millisecond and then, more often than not, ignored. Well remember that guy who got so fed up of getting no response that he stood around Waterloo station handing out CVs to strangers? He’s back! And this time he’s hiring!

High five to Alfred Ajani, who rocked up to Waterloo station with a sign informing the world that he was looking for work, and who then secured a job at recruitment company Asoria Group down the road.

Now he’s back. Same spot, different sign, to show everyone how the tables have turned and that now he’s the one hiring people. The company he works for is expanding and they’ve got around 20 vacancies to fill, so he’s returned to his lucky spot to seek out ambitious job seekers. Well, it worked last time, didn’t it?

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